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Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) Communication Book: Alternative Access Templates

Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) Communication Book: Alternative Access Templates

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    For NDIS Managed Participants this PODD resource is available under the NDIS, Assistive Technology code:  05_222103252_01241_1_2  (4.3 Communication and Information Equipment: Letter and Symbol sets and boards).  Please contact us for a service agreement.

    Self and Plan Managed Participants please purchase directly through this page.

    Please note:  Please be aware if ordering from overseas shipping internationally can take 4 weeks or more to arrive. 



     A4 Version Only

    These PODD Alternative Access templates are designed for individuals who:

    • have physical challenges directly pointing to sufficient symbols to meet their communication and language requirements
    • can see the picture symbols and manage the visual complexity of a whole page to locate the symbol they require.

    Included in this resource are templates to make 22 different Alternative Access PODD communication books with a range of vocabulary and language complexity for individuals to use:

    • Direct eye-gaze access
    • Partner-assisted visual scanning access
    • Eye-gaze plus partner-assisted visual scanning combination access
    • Direct pointing plus partner-assisted visual scanning combination access
    • Colour coded column plus partner-assisted visual scanning access
    • Coded access

    Included in the folders for each communication book are:

    • A detailed Information file describing the target population, access options, language, page layout, navigation, optional pages and page bypage customisation for that PODD communication book.
    • Detailed Construction files providing step-by-step instructions to select materials, print and construct that PODD communication book.
    • A folder including Boardmaker® templates for all the pages and page options to make that PODD communication book. These generic templates are opened, customised and printed using Boardmaker® version 5 or later(not included).

    Videos to demonstrate the operational procedures for using each access method. Video examples of direct and full models using a range of alternative methods are also included.

    The book, Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) communication books by Gayle Porter (2017), in pdf file format.

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